Only Poetry Could Have Brought Me HereSignature MiMi

Drug of Choice

I’m addicted…
To what some call poetry,
Eat, sleep, and breathe it in subconsciously
Mastering crafter of words is my forte
Poems make up the supply
I deal them out constantly.
I prefer to refer to it as an audience
Getting a glimpse of me making history
My thoughts are actions and
My words tell a story
They make you wonder whether or not
Your mind can wonder suspiciously or carelessly.
Healthy addiction
To pen and paper kisses
Stage appearances and
Seeing my listeners feel lifted.
Drifted, on a philosophical high
Soaking up the irony as our dreams come alive.
When these combinations of consonants and vowels
Vibrate off my tongue and regurgitate back through your ears,
Tell me again all of the things that trigger your laughs and
Anything that tingles your fears…
I’m all about pushing,
Pushing on every emotion.
I want to touch every part of your mind and
Make your soul feel open.
I want to see your pupils dilate as our thoughts become intertwined,
Tell me what it’s like to be acquainted by mental seduction
Your brain intrigued by mine.
It’s like surgery the way my words cut deep.
Patients patiently waiting
Sitting mindlessly in their seats
Operating on my audience
To optimize their potential for understanding as I speak
Awaiting rational thoughts to protect them and put them at ease.
Actions are useless without follow throughs’ and focus.
Promises become cheap, no matter how many times your mouth opens.
Calm breaths-- inhale and then out.
When your life is on support
You need to find help and that's where this
Drug of the mind comes in with a bang.
It shoots verbal adrenaline up through your veins.
Whenever you need a hit
You better get on it quick.
Time is too precious to waste so
Kill it with poetry and tell me how it tastes.


Signature MiMi | 2010

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