Marco SouloNo Soulciety

Satellite Narcissist

22 thousand miles above
At the brim of Earth’s gravitational pull…
Mirroring the movements of our Mother,
A geostationary orbit observing our blunders.
With the backdrop of a v a s t… infinite… DARK… void…
The bigger picture seems at p e a c e, still, and tranquil…
But! The mirrors of metal illustrate a different picture
Focused and zoomed in on the curvature of her own terrain.
The image is stimulating…
Stimulated enough to constantly record the self-image:
Her eyes notice certain patterns occurring
As seasonal climates whip up in the stirring
Producing fluffs of clouds
And motions of water
Building peaks of crust that pierce through the strato-surface
Admiring the wetlands and the arid,
The tundra and the desert,
The density and the scarcity,
The tips of the magnetic polarity.
The Sol and the Lunar, but only when you zoom in-
Further more
The melting of the ice caps
The shifting of tectonic plates
And the blue glow of her own aura…
so the beauty of She captivates her to fixate a view of her own moves.
A vice that caps Her growth beyond other worlds.
Her offspring of organic beings, who are coming of age,
Are stretching the tides of Mother’s patience.
They are blinded by Mother’s reflection
and are confused by Mother’s weatherly deception.
So they narcissistically feed on the data that mirrors our nurturer.
Obsessed with the information
Often confused as knowledge-
The adolescent beings launch more objects
In order to get a better look of their subject
Unaware of the space debris pollution
Due to the frequency of the launches.
The lure of narcissism can cause satellite collisions
At orbital velocities that Can be easily dangerous!
An effect that produces even more space debris
Creating a Domino Effect.
This is called the Kessler Syndrome.
The implication is that the distribution of debris could render space exploration
And even the use of satellites, unfeasible for many generations!
Our avoidable fate is slowly coming to fruition.
Her destiny is in the hands of Her children!
If we can flip our degrees to 180
Perhaps the spell will break instantly
Because the irony of it all…
Is that our narcissism could be our downfall!
If we can zoom out of the view of our individual worlds
And see it through the perspective of our Mother…
Then maybe we can see the beauty of each other!
So envision a world that can be like this
And stop being Satellite Narcissists.

-M. Soulo

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